Windows 7 vs Windows 10, Which is More Productive?

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Windows 7 vs Windows 10 – As per the Windows slogan repeatedly pronounced Nadella, this OS aims to empower people. Because it aims to ‘help’ a person realize the purpose or work, then productivity becomes the main thing in the goal by Windows. I am interested to review this because, at work, it happens that my PC (OS Windows 10) I used to change is replaced for a reason, and while waiting for a replacement PC I am ‘lazy’ to use a PC that is unfamiliar to me, choosing using my laptop that uses Windows 7 OS while waiting for a new PC that free my brain-tweaking.

Windows 7 vs Windows 10

Unexpectedly, I found that (okay, we jump straight into conclusions) Windows 7 made me far more productive and completed a lot of things compared to Windows 10. This experience really appealed to me, so I looked at exactly what are the factors which makes Windows 7 more productive, and what I missed from Windows 10 in the context of ‘work’. Here’s my opinion regarding the productivity of Windows 7 vs. Windows 10.


Windows 7 More Minimal Disorders than Windows 10

The ‘interruption’ I mean here is in the context of notifications, warnings, and bids that often appear on Windows 10. Winpoin Founder, Febian, prefers to call it a distraction – Actually this is the most appropriate term – Because it describes something that can distract we.

When you want to be productive, in the context you’re working on something on your PC or laptop, maybe media editing activities, writing programming code, or like me, working on thousands of words of translation with tight deadlines, then repeated notifications, when only trivial such as “It’s time for this and that update”, of course very counterproductive.

Not to mention a very routine update in Windows 10. On the one hand, this is fun because it shows the OS supported well. But if you interrupt the update while working on something important, of course, this will no longer be fun!

Windows 7 has a notification system as well, but you feel less. This is because Windows 10 seeks to incorporate app systems like mobile phones and still adds web apps – As a result, there are many chances that your notification tone keeps ringing. You may not be the one who is always bothered by such things. But I know some people who while working, the sound of the laptop fan alone has made it distracted. The overwhelming notification in Windows 10 is certainly a significant productivity hamper!


Windows 7 More Stable than Windows 10

Basically, my work is not resourced hungry. So it’s quite annoying when I find the browser crashes frequently (both Edge and Chrome that I often use in Windows 10), resulting in my activity being hampered. In Windows 10, I also experienced, sometimes when downloaded, the process does not run so I have to refresh the browser – Similar things I do not encounter in Windows 7. Though every day I am required to download a lot of files for work purposes. Such trivial matters sometimes inhibit productivity. Therefore the stability of Windows 7 really helped me to be more productive.


Skype and Email Windows 10 Sometimes Not Reliable

Due to work demands, I am very dependent on Skype and Email. After Skype system changes in Windows 10, though more features, but sometimes Skype on Windows 10 devices are less reliable. Uniquely, Skype in Windows 10 Mobile seems better. So I often encounter situations where Skype messages go to mobile phones, but do not go into Skype on PC. I have to open Skype first new message then enter. This never happened to the old version of Skype. Despite its fewer features and a ‘classic’ look, Skype in Windows 7 never missed a single message!

For Email, it looks like Email in Windows 10 is still not powerful. When I try to search for old Emails, often the Email app cannot find it. I need to open a browser to search for this old email. Of course, this is quite annoying considering I am a heavy user of this facility.


Older Software More Compatible in Windows 7

In general, the enterprise is moving a little slow in welcoming Windows 10. This is because many companies need more stability. Related to my work, there is some translation software that is more compatible and less crash in Windows 7, compared to when I use Windows 10.

This is one of the things that makes me prefer to use Windows 7 compared to Windows 10 to work.


What are the Advantages of Windows 10?

Of course, Windows 10 is not without its advantages. I love the look of the modern app. I enjoy playing Groove to accompany me to work. The application system in Windows 10 is very fun and unique if it is used in tablet system (unfortunately I do not need this many interesting features).

The integration between the Lumia 950 that I use with Windows 10 PC devices is also incredible. By plugging the cable into the PC, then my Lumia immediately seemed to be part of the PC. I can easily pass files just like passing from one HDD partition to another. If I’m lazy to plug a cable, then I used to pass photos and data using – ​​Things that can not be done in Windows 7.

But unfortunately, it does not help my type of work. I can imagine some other professional friends, such as editors and photo printers can benefit from the capabilities of Windows 10, which pass data from anywhere using to easily continue editing work and then print the image, but as a translator I get less direct benefits from the advantages of Windows 10 is, except when I want to have fun.


A friend of mine once advised me that the most valuable tool is not a tool that makes you look cool, but a tool that can benefit you and make money for you.

So if you ‘stuck’ with old devices and have not had an upgrade opportunity to Windows 10, then as long as the device gives a ‘contribution’ to your income, then the device is far more valuable than the chase for ‘cool’ only.

In fact, the Windows 7 device of many things can be more productive compared to Windows 10! Of course, not all types of work feel the same with me. Let’s share insights! Does your job benefit more from Windows 10? Or is Windows 7 still your mainstay? Tell us about your experience in the comment field!