The 10 Most Popular Graphic Design Software

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The 10 Most Popular Graphic Design Software – Today, graphic design is an essential and necessary requirement for many companies. Users are not only from among young people, even adults even though many who like the world of graphic design.

In addition to facilitating us to channel the interest and hobby of designing, not a few people who use graphic design software for business interests, such as the services of making posters, banners, logos, and others.

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Well, for you who are currently loving the world of graphic design, here Smartpedia has set up 10 choices of best graphic design software and most popular suitable for beginners to professionals. Anything?


  1. Corel Draw

For designers, Corel Draw is an important graphic design software that must be owned. Software made by Corel itself has the utility to process vector-based images.

With its usefulness, Corel Draw is generally used to support the work in the field of publications or printing that require visualization, such as the manufacture of posters, logos, banners, and various other designs.

Although it has a myriad of features or tools that quite a lot, the use of Corel Draw quite easy to be understood by users, even for ordinary users though. With so many users around the world, you can certainly learn a lot of Corel Draw tutorials that you can find on the internet.


  1. Adobe Photoshop

Actually, Adobe Photoshop is more to a software for editing photos or images because it has special features such as filter effects. But not a few Adobe software is also dependable for the needs of graphic design, such as making banners, stickers, logos, and much more.

Because of the number of users who are classified among much similar software, you can learn a lot of tutorials on the use of graphic design software via the internet or by buying books that specialize in Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners to professionals.


  1. Adobe Illustrator

Similar to Corel Draw, graphic design software that is still sibling with Photoshop also has a reliable capability in processing vector image types, such as making company logo, t-shirt design, cartoon, and many more.

For those of you looking for the best vector-based applications other than Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator might be the right choice.


  1. Adobe InDesign

Want to create a magazine, brochure, poster, or book? Well, Adobe InDesign has the ability to help us in creating it. As we know, almost all Adobe-made software has sophisticated functionality. Likewise, with Adobe InDesign, you certainly do not have to doubt the features.

Its function is very useful for companies in the manufacture of magazines, newspapers, and books. So do not be surprised if the best graphic design software on this one become a mainstay for companies to create print media layouts.

In addition, the tools available on InDesign is also quite easy to learn and used for beginners. Moreover, Adobe InDesign basic up to the basic tutorial we can also get it for free on the internet.


  1. Inkscape

In terms of functionality, Inkscape can be classified as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and other vector-based digital software. In addition to easy to use, this one software is also Open-Source.

Which means that users can use Inkscape for free at no charge whatsoever. Moreover, this software is also relatively light because it does not require a high system requirement.

In other words, we can use it on older computers that have low specifications. Well, if you’re looking for a lightweight and free graphic design software, maybe Inkscape is the right choice for you.


  1. Xara Designer

Xara Designer is a graphic design software specially designed to assist users in creating logos, invitations, posters, brochures, to create web graphics such as button creation or flash animation.

For its own file support, Xara Designer sized around 120 MB is also capable of receiving many file formats, such as BMP, EPS, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, CDR, AI, and others.


  1. AAA Logo

If you want to create a cool logo but do not master the science of Corel Draw, maybe graphic design software called AAA Logo to be the right choice for you to use.


By using this software, we can create a cool logo is easy, fast, and practical. The reason, the developer has provided various types of logo templates so that users stay polish a little additional design to make it look more interesting.


  1. PosteRazor

If the previous software devoted to the manufacture of the logo, it is different from PosteRazor designed specifically to create a poster. The workings of this program are by cutting the raster image into pieces that can then be printed into a poster.

The resulting posters can also be stored as multi-page PDF documents. In addition to having a simple interface, graphic design software to create this poster is also quite easy to use where users only need to complete 5 steps only.

Regarding the image format support, PosteRazor almost supports all file types, including; PNG, JPEG, BMP, WBMP, XPM, PCX, and more.


  1. Macromedia Freehand

Macromedia Freehand is a software that we can rely on for the design of banners, brochures, invitations, and much more. Software that is still part of the large family of Adobe Corporation is still very famous among designers because of its features are quite complete and easy to use for the designers.

Although it has a function that is not much different from Corel Draw, this software tends to be easier to use where users can also customize the interface to set the workspace as needed.


  1. Manga Studio

Hearing his name, maybe you already know what the use of graphic design software on this one. Yep, Manga Studio is present for many people who want to create manga images from “zero” using its various sophisticated features.

In terms of appearance and function, Manga Studio can be practically almost like Photoshop. But the difference Sakura domestic software is designed specifically to make a kind of cartoon Manga and Comic.

It’s a row of best and most popular graphic design software that you can choose according to your needs. Oh yes, if you have other best software recommendations that are not listed in the list above