MT4 WebTrader, Platform Revolution For Forex Trading Efficiency

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MT4 WebTrader, Platform Revolution For Forex Trading Efficiency – Online forex trading is able to provide a useful solution for anyone who wants to earn income the easy way. That is why many people from different circles and different levels of busyness want to be a forex trader. The diversity of traders is also increasingly demanding platform revolution that can maximize the efficiency of forex trading. Although MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is already considered an ideal platform for most traders, the classic version is considered to be less supportive of those with high mobility.

MT4 WebTrader

Responding to these needs, then came the web-based platform solution (WebTrader). With this technology, you do not need to download and install any application, because WebTrader program can be opened online in an Internet browser, either through PC, tablet, or mobile. So it will be easier for you to take advantage of every opportunity of “the forex market that never sleeps”.

The appearance of MT4 WebTrader

With the MetaTrader 4 role as the flagship platform of the trader, you might think if the provider, MetaQuotes, has long launched the WebTrader version of MT4. In fact, it is not so. MetaQuotes is classified as missing in providing web-based MT4. As a result, other forex web trading platforms such as Web creditor and Sirix are more famous than MT4 WebTrader.

Chronologically, the idea of ​​MT4 WebTrader was first developed in the media in early 2015. Success was realized at the end of 2015, MT4 WebTrader emerged amidst the competition of other platform providers who had long been relied on as a provider of web platforms. However, MT4 WebTrader apparently has no trouble competing with its “seniors”.

Shortly after the official launch, many forex brokers immediately announced the addition of MT4 WebTrader feature as one of their platform services. In fact, some brokers who have previously used the services of other providers, are willing to replace their old WebTrader with WebTrader version of MT4. The popularity of MetaTrader 4 as a download platform that became the preference of most traders clearly influenced MT4 WebTrader’s ‘bestselling’ among brokers.

But as a product, MT4 WebTrader certainly still has some shortcomings to note. But before we discuss more what are the minus points of this platform, let’s look at some of its advantages.


Excess MT4 WebTrader

Published as a ‘face’ web-based from MetaTrader 4 that has been recognized for its reliability and popularity, this platform has a credibility value that can not be ruled out. The success of the classic MT4 as an optional platform amidst intense competition among providers is not without cause. In addition to easy to operate and equipped with many indicators, analysis tools, and various tools order, MetaTrader 4 also has been integrated with automatic trading technology.

So even though MT4 WebTrader is still very ‘young’ and not yet supported by features that characterize the classic MetaTrader 4, many parties are rationing if MetaQuotes will continue to update the MT4 WebTrader service, and customize its superiority with the advantages of MetaTrader 4 downloads. Plus, Web4Trader’s MT4 access can be synchronized by logging in on the classic MetaTrader 4 platform.

Overall, the following facilities are already available on the web version of MT4:

  • The interface is similar to the downloaded version of MT4, making it easier for users who are already familiar with the classic MetaTrader 4 way of working.
  • Charts are available in 9 different time frames, ranging from M1 to MN (monthly)
  • Candlestick, bar, and line chart options
  • The object of technical forex analysis (trend line, Fibonacci retracement, equidistant channel, Elliot wave, etc.)
  • The choice of technical indicators that are complementary to the variations of indicators in MetaTrader 4 downloads
  • MarketWatch
  • All types of orders, complete with stop loss and take profit facilities
  • One Click Trading
  • Transaction monitoring systems, history records, and trading journals

Lack of MT4 WebTrader

After following some of the advantages of MT4 WebTrader, now it’s time to discuss what are the weaknesses of the platform. First of all, the lack of web-based platform is clearly visible from the concept that is still very simple. Compared to other web platforms that have been launched earlier, MT4 WebTrader almost has its own uniqueness.

In addition, the web version of MT4 does not support the use of external indicators and the installation of forex robots. In fact, 2 it is a specialization MetaTrader 4 classic that makes a lot of favorite traders. The good news, MetaQuotes seems to regularly provide updates to continue to improve MT4 WebTrader. So the opportunity to install custom indicator or EA forex based on MQL4 in web-based platform instead of closed at all.

However, the completeness of the MT4 WebTrader feature can be different in each forex broker that provides it. There are brokers who prioritize trading technology so diligently adjust the quality of its platform with the latest updates, but there are also brokers who are not too prioritize aspects of this kind. If you want to rely on MT4 WebTrader, you should choose a forex broker that puts forward trading technology support.

How to Open MT4 WebTrader

One example of forex brokers who also provide services MetaTrader 4 web version is FirewoodFX. You can use the service to get experience trading with MT4 WebTrader. No need to register the account at the broker first, because to enjoy the demo version of it you can directly register on the platform. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Open the FirewoodFX homepage
  2. In the “Trading” menu, select “Trading Platform”
  3. Browse the “MetaTrader 4 Web” section, then click the “Launch MetaTrader 4 Web Platform”

MT4 WebTrader     4. In the login window, click “Demo” located in the lower left corner.

MT4 WebTrader

5. Please fill in the identity column with the required data, then click “Next”

MT4 WebTrader

6. Next, you will get login and password data. Save the information carefully, then select          “Complete”.

MT4 WebTrader

7. The login window will reappear with your login number and password. Click “Login” or leave              it for a while, because soon you will be logged in automatically.

8. After successfully logged in, the MT4 WebTrader platform can be used.

MT4 WebTrader