7 Best and Most Accurate Forex Trading Software

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7 Best and Most Accurate Forex Trading Software – A trade of different countries is called Forex Trading, the forex itself is short for Foreign Exchange. Over time, you can do trading activities only by using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs.


Now has a lot of forex trading software in circulation to facilitate the traders. Some can be obtained for free, some are sold at a price. Many traders think if free forex trading software is not very useful and prefer forex trading software paid.

The Trader is getting easier in the internet business arena applications for android trading has grown. Traders can also take advantage of Android for their Forex purposes. For example to analyze, view transactions, sell or buy foreign currency without using a PC. So that anywhere within the time anytime android users can run forex trading business.

Best Forex Trading Software

However, traders must also be smart in choosing and using the best forex trading software. Here are some of the best forex trading software or forex trading software, namely:


  1. MetaTrader 4 for PCs and smartphones

The terminal version of the most widely known in the world trade exchanges because of the wealth of features it has been selected by millions of traders. The Meta Trader 4 application is also available in the mobile version. Many forex trading applications, Meta Trader 4 includes being the best app.

Because Metra Trade 4 displays many features of forex trading, such as displaying multiple indicators, providing trade history, displaying charting features and can display trading on the move.


  1. MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is the latest generation of MetaTrader the most popular trading platform in the world. The addition of orders, analytics tools, and enhanced functionality will make your performance in Forex much more effective, regardless of what browser you’re using.

MetaTrader 5 provides new opportunities for mobile trading through your favorite gadgets. You can access all major functionalities of MetaTrader 5, including organizing notices about all your transaction activity.


  1. ForexTrader Pro

The best android forex application is ForexTrader PRO. This is compatible with both Windows and Apple PCs. That’s the primacy in a variety of platforms, therefore the ForexTrader PRO becomes a reference for people who want to plunge into forex trading. Features included in it are Automate your trading strategies, Stay on top of a market, Advance charting includes and Acces real time.


  1. Investing.com Stocks and Forex

The site investing.com provides official forex trading applications that can be used on Android devices. Almost all android versions are compatible with this app. Investing.com Stocks and Forex best and forex trading applications today, Stocks and Forex presents interesting features such as:

  • Real-time – live quotes, in the form of financial instruments that can be traded on the global burst
  • Economic calendar – featuring global economic events in real time
  • Next, Live Graph – a graph of the price movement of a financial instrument
  • Portfolio – can be used to monitor financial instruments
  • Latest news – featuring major global economic events up to date
  • Opinions and analysts – recent reports from financial industry experts
  • Technical analyst – direct signal based on a technical indicator system


  1. IQ Option

The next forex trading application is the IQ Option. Is an application that makes traders make trades without complicated. This application allows users to make transactions. In addition in terms of appearance can be said to be simple and easy to use. For beginner traders, it is recommended to use IQ Option application.

Before starting trading, users are also served a tutorial or demo. You simply make a deposit of $ 10 to join. Furthermore, large deposits depend on the need.


  1. OCO Order

For you who implement the strategy of news trading software, this forex trading can be very useful. OCO application is a forex trading software that can disable one pending order automatically.

Oco Order aims to anticipate the price breakout in the hope of a win-win solution. If the price breakout to the top, then the buy stop will be executed. The movement in the crowded news is tight but difficult to predict. That is why this way is believed to be more able to ensure traders to open positions according to the correct direction of the breakout.

At the breakout of the price down, the trader remains in the right position because the pending order sell stop is to be touched.

However, sharp and rapid price movements can sometimes make both pending orders affected. If it is like that, then traders even need to pay spreads 2 times and not get the expected benefits.

The role of OCO order in play, because this forex trading software can cancel (cancel) one (the other) pending when others have been touched. For example, when the buy stop is executed, the OCO order will automatically cancel sell order. Later will go down and touch the level pending sell stop, there is no sell order is open because the pending command has been automatically disabled by OCO.


  1. Forex investing application |

This application can help you analyze the market based on fundamental analysis. The function of Forex investing can provide some information about the latest forex news, forex calendar, as well as currency offerings. So whenever you can read the latest news.


That is the explanation of the recommendations of the best and most accurate forex trading software that you try to start forex trading or just learn trading to get to know the software features above.