10 Applications that Must be installed on Ubuntu OS

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10 Applications that Must be installed on Ubuntu OS – Ubuntu is one of the Debian-based distributions of Linux and is distributed as free software. The name Ubuntu comes from the philosophy of South Africa which means “humanity to others”. Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available, and has good support from community and professional experts.

Ubuntu Installer Application

For those of you who first tried to use Linux operating system like Ubuntu, would be a little confused in terms of software selection. Many applications in Linux that can replace the application that we usually use in Windows and of course free application is used.

By default the system itself, Ubuntu has provided a complete software package. Many software has been installed automatically to suit everyday needs such as Browser, office, email, camera etc. However, of course, we need a complete application available on the internet.

Before you install the applications below, it helps you update your Ubuntu repository by opening the terminal and typing sudo apt-get update.

Here are some of the world-recommended computer applications for new users of the Ubuntu operating system:


  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an important browser application for computers used for browsing on the internet. The Google-made app is quite famous in the world and almost all internet users use this application, Google Chrome is also available for Linux OS.


  1. Gdebi Package Installer

Gdebi Package Installer is an application that works to install .deb file to os ubuntu. Actually, we can install deb files using ubuntu software center, but Gdebi Package Installer is faster and lighter than ubuntu software center.


  1. Spotify and Clementine

An incomplete operating system feels like no music player. Here are two cool music players: Spotify and Clementine. Spotify is perfect for those of you who want to listen to songs online like Spotify on windows, mac, or Android. While Clementine is very powerful in playing music that is on our hard drive.


  1. SMPlayer

If the above music player, then the next is the video player. SMPlayer has a small yet light size to play high-quality video. Based on the author’s experience, SMPlayer is stable compared to a VLC media player.


  1. GIMP

Gimp is an alternative application of photoshop. The features contained in Gimp can be said to be enough to perform photo editing. But according to the author, gimp quite difficult and confusing for ordinary users even just to cut the image. To install gimp, you can do it via ubuntu software center or through a terminal with sudo apt-get install gimp command


  1. Atom

One of the must-have applications that must be owned by application developers is a text editor. Atom is the best free text editor application by an author. Atom has a myriad of full features and a very elegant built-in look.


  1. Unity Tweak Tool and CompizConfig

Dwell with ubuntu certainly not separated by the name of customization. With the two tools above, we can easily change the look of ubuntu in accordance with our wishes such as changing a theme, icon, panel position, dash settings and others.


  1. PlayOnLinux

This one application is an application that must be installed on your Ubuntu system. PlayOnLinux works to run Windows applications using an integrated layer named Wine. So, your windows app can run on this os.

The duty to run windows application here is Wine, while PlayOnLinux only organize windows applications that will or have us install. For example, we want to install photoshop application, then Playonlinux will download some additional software for photoshop can walk well.

Another example if we want to install Microsoft office 2010, then Playonlinux will download the wine version that supports the office well.

To download Playonlinux, just search for it in ubuntu software center or with a command: “sudo apt-get install Playonlinux” on a terminal.


  1. Albert

This application includes applications that you must install on Ubuntu. Albert serves as a search for applications, files, search engines, terminals and much more. Its function is more or less the same as dash feature in ubuntu or spotlight on mac os. But the author prefers Alber because it is very fast and light when used.


  1. Bleachbit

If the Windows operating system, you are already familiar with CCleaner right? Well, in Linux you will encounter the name Bleachbit. Bleach bit is an application that works to delete junk files that exist in Ubuntu system. to install Bbleachbit is very easy, just type the terminal command: sudo apt-get install Bleachbit or search it directly in ubuntu software center.


Similarly, some Applications are Required to install in Ubuntu OS. Maybe useful.