5 Reasons Why Macs Are Better From Windows

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Computers have become mandatory goods to survive in this day and age. It does not all need anything, but still, the computer is no longer tertiary needs. Many people have put the computer as a primary need.

mac better than windows

In choosing a computer there are many options. The most common of course whether to choose a Windows-based computer (PC) or Mac computer. It’s all a choice. But although not a Mac user, many say that mac better than windows.

If you think at a glance that the Mac is more exclusive than Windows. But is it always better than Windows? Of course not! But most people just see the advantages only. Not wrong anyway. There is nothing wrong if we also recognize the advantages. What are they?


UI and Experience

The beauty is relative, but most people agree that the Mac has a very charming look, more charming than Windows. The look is so eccentric that many people want to try it. Starting from the most expensive way of installing skin / special theme on Windows PC, to the most expensive way is to buy a Mac computer.

In addition, Mac also offers a very different experience with Windows. Call it a trackpad. For this problem, Macs are remarkable in terms of trackpad utilization. Apple designed it to be able to recognize various combinations of movements that make it possible for us to do more.


Faster, Stable, and Practical

Sooner or later a computer also depends on how good the specifications are. However, when compared to Windows computers that have the same specification or slightly higher, Macs tend to be faster. Boot process only takes a few seconds, even less than 30 seconds since the power button is pressed on my MacBook Pro Retina.

In addition to faster, Macs tend to be more stable. I have never experienced crashes or lags in using this MacBook Pro Retina. Even when I try to use a virtual machine by running Ubuntu and OpenSUSE in Virtual Box simultaneously.

In addition, the Mac is very practical in its use. Buy a Mac computer, and all can be used directly. Even all old peripherals such as printers and scanners I can just read directly. Differences with Windows that sometimes have to install drivers manually.



It’s no secret that Macs tend to be safer than Windows. Not just because Mac OS X is more powerful than malicious software attacks, but also because the interests of these criminals tend to be low in making malicious software such as Virus, Worm, and other malware. The criminals are more likely to attack Windows because of users more and more vulnerable.


More Prestige

If you see Mac users, what comes to mind? Designer, Composer, Developer, Entrepreneur, Businessman, or just ordinary but very rich? Yes, indeed that’s what stereotype Mac computer users in the eyes of the layman. It used to be originally a Mac more identical with the designers.

As the music world is climbing, most composers prefer to use Macs because they are more stable. Macs gradually became increasingly in demand by developers as they needed to create Web applications, iOS, Android, and even Windows using Boot Camp or virtual machines.


High Consumer Satisfaction

Although Mac users in the world are no more than 10%, in terms of product satisfaction, Macs are always better than any Windows computer. Some of the reasons are faster, more stable, and less frequent errors.

The main problem of Windows computers in terms of consumer satisfaction is usually a matter of compatibility. Whether it’s software or driver compatibility to hardware. Hardware and Software Mac is designed by one same company, Apple.

Therefore, Apple can freely manage everything. Unlike the PC manufacturers who are not necessarily want to update the driver to the latest version, because many factors to consider.