5 Driver Search Software for Laptop Automatic

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Finding and installing suitable drivers for your computer or laptop is actually easy if you have a CD / DVD driver that you got when you bought a PC.

But if your DVD driver is missing, it does not support with the latest OS right now, or there is no DVD ROM for you netbook users. We need to do different ways to install drivers for better performance.

Driver Search Software

One way is to use automated driver search software. By using this software we no longer need to look for a driver that is compatible with our device.

Well, premature Smartpedia will introduce you the 5 best auto driver search software options that you can use for free for your computer or laptop. Anything?


  1. DriverPack Solution

For the purposes of downloading and installing drivers, DriverPack is quite popular in the world. Software from developer Kuzyakov Artur looks easy to understand, layman to professionals can use this software easily.

The first time you open this software, DriverPack will scan the PC to detect any drivers that need to be installed or updated. After the scan is complete, some drivers will appear ready for download.

You can decide to download one by one the required drivers or download and install everything automatically.

This software is available in 2 forms. Online and Offline. DriverPack Online allows you to download drivers online. The size of the software is very small until this article is written size of no more than 300 KB.

While Offline DriverPack can work without using internet connection, you can directly install the driver. However, the size is very large, ie 11.5 GB.

This software can be downloaded and used for free on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, up to 10 operating systems.


  1. Driver Booster

The next driver search software that is not less powerful is Driver Booster. The software provided by IObit provides Free and Pro versions.

This software works by identifying and fixing outdated, unsuitable, or other drivers.

Good news for gamers, because Driver Booster not only helps improve the quality of graphics and audio on the computer but also detects and updates various components of the game such as DirectX so the gaming experience will feel more smooth.

This software also offers a restore point feature before downloading a driver that is used to secure in case of a newly installed driver error is not stable, then we can restore it to the previous driver version.

You can use it on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems.

  1. SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers are worked on by Slimware also you can choose to facilitate you in finding and installing suitable drivers for your computer or laptop.

First open the software, you must press the Start Scan button to let SlimDrivers scan the computer to find what drivers should be updated.

After the scan is complete, you will see the various drivers that need to be updated with the release date information for the driver you are using right now and the release date for the new driver you want to install.

Unlike DriverPack, SlimDriver does not provide a feature to download all the drivers at once. So you have to download them one by one.

Until now SlimWare officially only support the operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8. But reportedly in Windows 10 can run without problems. You can get it for free through its official website.


  1. Free Driver Scout

Scout drivers have a simple look with menus that are easy to navigate. This software has many interesting features that may not be owned by other similar software.

The feature is one of them is Auto-Update Drivers. This feature if you activate then download and install the necessary drivers without the permission of the users.

This software can run on all operating systems, including Windows 10.


  1. Snappy Driver Installer

One more driver search software that might be your choice, he is a Snappy Driver Installer. Unlike the four software above earlier, this software you can use without the need to install because it is portable.

Just like DriverPack, Snappy also provides 2 forms of software that is SDI Full and SDI Lite. Full SDI can work offline but size is quite large, about 10 GB. While SDI Lite must use internet connection for the purpose of downloading the driver. The size of the software is only 4 MB.


That’s the best 5 automated driver search software for computers and laptops running Windows operating system. Overall, all the free software above works well. Your own life determines who will choose and use which one.