12 Best & Lightest Video Editing Software in 2018

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12 Best & Lightest Video Editing Software in 2018 – Can not be denied, video editing software into a very useful application to create and process a video or movie. For that, this one software is often touted as an important software that must be owned by PC users, especially for the youtube.

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Not all video editing software on PC has a complicated interface that makes us dizzy. There are quite a number of easy-to-use video editing software for beginners, such as VirtualDub.

For you who are looking for a list of powerful video editing software, here Smartpedia has set up 12 best video editing software options in 2018 that are lightweight and easy to use. Check it out!


  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere ProAdobe Premiere Pro has become one of the most widely used video editing software so far. Having a pretty good interface with complete features, Adobe’s application is very suitable for use by ordinary to professional users though.

Through this software, you can edit video with editing such as cutting, video combining, transition application, to feature to set sound and BGM. Interestingly, the project file you created can be imported into Adobe After Effect for the addition of visual effects to make it more amazing.


  1. Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a highly experienced software for video editing. By applying some effects only, the video you created will certainly look more ‘wow’ through this Sony software.

Compared to its predecessor series, Sony Vegas Pro 13 has many improvements, both in terms of display interface to editing features that greatly facilitate the user. But unfortunately, this Sony Vegas has a fairly expensive price, ie above 600 dollars. But certainly the price is very proportional to the advanced video editing features that we get.


  1. AVS Video Editor

Although not as popular as previous video editing software, AVS Video Editor also includes one of the best lightweight and easy-to-use video editing software for beginners. Moreover, the selling price of this software is quite affordable when compared with Sony Vegas Pro 13 or Adobe Premiere Pro.

With the editing feature of the video, a timeline will be available that will separate edits between video, text, effects, and audio or sound. On the other hand, you can also do trimming, merging some effects, and much more.

Speaking of the effects it has, this one video editing software offers about 300 effects and transitions to make a video more engaging and creative.

  1. Camtasia

In addition to playing the software for recording desktop screens, Camtasia also has a range of features that are reliable enough to perform basic video editing, such as cutting, adding sound, merging, to applying basic effects.

Well, usually this kind of application is suitable for making a video tutorial, Website Tour, and the like. Initially Camtasia presented 30 days for the trial period (trial). Thus, you could say that Camtasia has a fairly complete package, from the process of recording to video editing.

Compared with similar software, AVS Video Editor produces small file sizes. Videos to be edited later can be taken from several sources, namely computers, capture from a camcorder, or a digital camera. As for the results, you can save it to various popular video formats, such as.FLV,WMV, and.AVI.


  1. Avidemux

Generally, the video editing process that we create will produce a large enough file size. This is certainly a constraint if we save enough video which will make storage become swell. For that, Avidemux present as a video editing software that can be relied upon to do a video compress.

Although the resulting video compress will make the file size becomes smaller, Avidemux certainly maintain the video quality without damaging it so it is still worth to be enjoyed.


  1. Windows Movie Maker

For beginners, Windows Movie Maker is certainly very suitable for use because the interface is quite simple. Moreover, the features available in it are also easy to use in video editings, such as cutting, merging, and other features commonly owned by video editing software.

Although not as complete as Adobe Premiere Pro is much easier to use and learn. Well, if you are already proficient using Microsoft software made this, do not rule out if you are also proficient to do video editing on the best video editing software like Sony Vegas Pro 13.


  1. Corel Video Studio

The best easy and lightweight video editing software is Corel Video Studio. As we know, these software developers have worked on a row of software that is quite reliable, call it Corel Draw for example.

For that, Corel Video Studio has a myriad of features that no doubt sophistication. With just a few touches, you can produce videos and slideshows that ‘wow’ easily and quickly.

But most importantly, it has a fairly simple interface. In other words, this video editing software is suitable for novice users who are deepening the process of learning to edit video.


  1. Pinnacle Studio

Produced by System Pinnacle, a division of Avid Technology, this video editing software has been awarded Emmy Award for the best technical achievement and video excellence category.

For the award, we can be sure that Pinnacle Studio has a myriad of powerful and powerful features for video editing. Not infrequently Pinnacle also serves as one of the main icons in the world of professional video editing, especially in producing a real-time 3D video.


  1. HitFilm Express

It has a relatively lightweight size for a video editing software, though HitFilm Express has a powerful set of features in video and movie editing. Some of the reliable features offered by it like; amazing visual effects template options, anti-aliasing support up to 32x MSAA, color grading features, motion graphics, and more.


  1. VirtualDub

One of the powerful capabilities offered by this video editing software such as; splitting, extracting, and merging AVI files without re-encoding.

On the other hand, VirtualDub has the ability to zoom well enough, from zoom-in, zoom/focus, and zoom-out. If you’re looking for the best lightweight and easy-to-use video editing software, VirtualDub might be the right choice for you to use.


  1. iMovie

iMovie is a video creation and processing software provided by Apple for MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. Through this software, you can create a simple movie with the application of movie themes and video editing features in general.

In iMovie, you can enter transitions, sound effects, and other sophisticated features that you can find in Content Library. The results of videos or movies that you create later can be directly shared to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more.


  1. VideoPad

Because it has a simple look and relatively light size, the VideoPad is pretty much in demand by the novice user who is still in the stage of learning basic video editing. Although it has a fairly complete feature, this video editing software can be downloaded for free.

To support its own format, the software presented by NCH Software almost supports with many formats, especially camera and camcorder formats such as DV and HDV. While for the video format includes.AVI,MPEG,MP4, and many others.


Well, after seeing the best video editing software line above, have you decided to use which one? Please make your choice according to your criteria and needs.