10 Software Required Install for New PCs and Laptops

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10 Software Required Install for New PCs and Laptops – At this time, indeed most people have turned to mobile technology. Almost everything that was once only done on a computer currently can be done only with the help of a smartphone. However, there are still many people who use a PC or laptop to perform their daily activities. If you have a new laptop or PC, sometimes you may be confused to install any software.

Software Required Install

Software Required Install for New PCs and Laptops.


Newly purchased laptop or PC is still empty, not yet installed any software, sometimes even without the Windows operating system. And you should be the user to install the software you need. Anything about the main software that really needed and must be on every computer? Here’s the review.


10 Software Required Install for New PCs and Laptops


  1. Google Chrome

The first software you must install on your new laptop or computer is the browser. Yep, Google Chrome is the best browser choice for the Windows operating system. Sure, in Windows there is Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge which became the default browser. However, it looks less interesting and features are not complete. With Google Chrome, you can access the internet more easily and quickly.


  1. Internet Download Manager

For you who often download any file on the internet, ranging from software, movies, songs, and so would know dong IDM aka Internet Download Manager? Yep, with this very useful software, download any file so much faster. Even up to 10x faster and more practical. Amazingly, if the download process you stop, because the internet connection is broken, you can still continue downloading at a later time, even on other computers. IDM also has a plug-in to download YouTube videos directly in your browser.


  1. WinRAR

This is one of the most useful software for PC and laptop users. WinRAR is a software that can be used to compress a collection of files into a ZIP or RAR file, as well as functioning as an extractor to open the various files formatted ZIP, RAR, 7z, JAR, ISO, and so on. WinRAR is a software with complete functionality and must exist on every laptop or PC.


  1. GOM Player

One of the most common activities on a PC or laptop is watching videos. Whether in the form of music videos, fun videos, TV series, or movies. In order to watch movies and other videos more smoothly, you need a video player software aka a quality video player. The best video player you can use is GOM Player. This software can play video with any file format. This video player also has a small file size and is relatively light when executed. Its features are also numerous and complete. Even GOM Player can also be used for streaming video from the internet.


  1. LibreOffice

Creating and processing documents is one of the most important things to do on a PC or laptop. One of the free document processing software Jaka recommends is LibreOffice. Its features are not much different from Microsoft Office, but with the file size is smaller and lighter.


  1. CCleaner

In order for performance and performance to keep going well, you also must be diligent to care for your PC and laptop. Especially for cleaning junk files like cache, temporary files, and so forth. So make your computer performance so much lighter and faster. The best software to do this task is CCleaner. By installing and running CCleaner, your PC or laptop will feel much lighter and faster when in use.


  1. Foxit Reader

One of the most widely used document file formats is PDF. Therefore, the size becomes smaller, thus speeding up the delivery process via e-mail. Well, to open the PDF file format, you need special software. The best software option to open PDF files is Foxit Reader. Therefore, this software has a file size is much smaller and lighter run. The feature is also not inferior to Adobe Reader.


  1. Adobe Photoshop

To process and edit images and photos, it seems there is no other software that can be trusted in addition to Adobe Photoshop. You must already know dong features and the ability to edit the photo becomes more beautiful? Or to create a simple design that can be used in various purposes. Photoshop is one of the software that must be installed on your laptop and PC.


  1. Google Drive

Currently, Cloud storage media is increasingly popular in use. With Cloud, you can store various files like documents, photos, or videos without having to worry about losing the file when your hard disk is damaged. Because the files are stored on the server, and you can access anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet access. One of the best Cloud services is Google Drive. Capacity is large, and certainly free for life. You also only need to use your personal Google account to access it.


  1. Format Factory

With Format Factory software, you can change the formats of various files like images, video, and audio. The process is quick and easy. You can also set the quality of the output file that you change the format.


That’s 10 Compulsory Software Install for your New PC and Laptop. If you have other info about other software that is also required to install, please write your opinion in comment column below.