10 Best Programming Languages and Often Used

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10 Best Programming Languages and Often Used – The programming language is a standard instruction for commanding computers, whose content is a set of syntax and semantic rules. The programming language itself feels very obliged to be mastered by a developer in order to build an application and software.

Programming Languages

Not only that, the programming language itself turns out there are so many numbers and types, regardless of the various levels of difficulty. Thus, here are 10 best and often used programming languages.


  1. Java

Java is a computer programming language that can run on multiple platforms, from PC to smartphones and mobile devices. This programming language was developed by Sun Microsystem’s The Green Project in 1991. And up to now, Java has become one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, and the most widely used programming languages.

The popularity of Java as one of the best programming languages ​​does not appear for no reason, but because of the advantages of Java itself, for example, as it can run on various platforms, more easily understood, and has a complete library that will greatly facilitate the programmers when operating.

The Java name itself was chosen because one of Java’s originator, James Gosling, was very fond of pure coffee that was directly milled from a coffee grinder, where it came from Java, Indonesia. And the island of Java (Java) which eventually became the name of one of the best and most popular programming languages ​​in the world.


  1. C

Please note that the C language is one of the oldest programming languages in the world. This programming language was developed around the 70s by Dennis Ritchie. In addition, C language itself feels appropriate if we call it as one of the best programming languages in the world. C programming is the first to be learned. The reason for the C language was first learned, that is because the programming language of this one is the parent of other programming languages, for example Java, C #, C ++, etc. Therefore, no wonder if this programming language is so popular in the world.


  1. PHP

The language of this one program is usually used to create professional websites. Even classmates Facebook, WordPress, and Digg-reportedly use PHP in its development. In addition to being able to make the website become dynamic, PHP can also be used for free, so that’s what makes the computer program language this one is widely used by developers in the world. And keep in mind that PHP was first developed by Rasmus Lerdorf.


  1. Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a programming language developed by the giant Microsoft company, which offers a visual IDE in software development, especially to create Windows-based software. Remarkably, Visual Basic was used by almost all the software developers in the world.


  1. Python

At the level of the programming language, Python is a high-level language, which means it is easy for human beings to understand. And Python is one of the programming languages that can build applications, be it web-based or mobile-based.

One programming language is quite easy to understand for beginners, and it is one of the advantages. Not only that, although easily understood, it turns out that Python is widely used by large companies in the world, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Rdio. In fact, Python is also used by Google developers, Yahoo !, as well as the NASA website


  1. C++

C ++ is a development programming language of C language, so C ++ and C language have the syntax of writing which is almost the same. But even so, these two programming languages turn out to have differences in terms of solving the problem.

Apart from that, C ++ is one of the best programming languages and widely used by major software companies, such as Adobe, Firefox, and so on.


  1. JavaScript

Netscape developed a programming language that was finally named with JavaScript. In addition to PHP language, JavaScript also turned out to be widely used to create a website. And almost all websites feel it has been using this one programming language. It also makes JavaScript one of the best programming languages in the world.


  1. C#

In addition to Visual Basic, Microsoft has also successfully developed the C # programming language, which is based on the principles of C and C ++. Indirectly, it says that C # is a refinement of two existing programming languages. And in usefulness, C # is widely used to create and develop software based on Windows.


  1. Objective-C

Another case with Windows, one programming language is widely used on Apple devices, especially develop applications. And not only the application alone, Objective-C was also been used to develop the IOS operating system.


  1. ActionScript

The latter is ActionScript, a programming language created based on ECMAScript and was originally developed by Macromedia, but now this one programming language is further developed by Adobe, it is because Adobe company has bought Macromedia in 2005 ago.